Preventing Fraud Together!

SHA Global has measures in place to fight against fraud and help prevent any fraudulent activities. We would like to share with you some advice on how to spot warning signs and what types of fraud there are out there. We want to help you not fall victim to Fraud and also for you to join our team in preventing it!

How do Fraudsters try to Scam you?

There are many different methods that fraudsters use to try and scam their victim. Some of the methods are listed below, have a read and make yourself aware of the signs of fraud.

Online Purchasing Scam –

Scammers can use online advertising such as ‘pop-ups’ to entice you into purchasing a product that does not actually exist. Products that are frequently advertised are mobile phones, concert/event tickets and cars. They ask for you to make payment and never send you the product advertised. Please be mindful of this when purchasing products online in response to an online advertisement. 

Payment in advance Scam –

With this type of scam scammers usually offer you a service such as loan, credit card, charity or telemarketing products and ask for payment in advance for the service or installation. The service they are offering does not exist. 

Romance/Relationship Scam –

Scammers use dating sites, email and chat forums to get in contact with you. They will build a relationship with you establish a ‘fake persona’ to entice you into liking and trusting them. They will then request you send them money for an emergency they didn’t see coming or travel costs to come and see you.  These are made up situations that the scammer will use to get you to send them money. You should never send money to someone you have not met. If you are looking for love or friends online be careful who you talk to. 

Lottery Scam –

Someone may call or email you saying you have won the lottery or a prize and you need to make a one-off payment to cover the processing fees or taxes on your winnings. This is a scam! You will not receive any money or prize. On very few occasions you will receive a check in the post of your ‘winnings’, when you take this check to the bank it bounces. 

Be Vigilant and protect yourself -

Don’t send money to people claiming you have won the lottery or a prize.

Never send money to someone you have never met in person.

Be careful building relationships online Be wary of people claiming to be from a debt agency, loan provider or credit card company contacting you.

Don’t pay for a business product or service into a personal account.

With these points you will better your knowledge of fraudsters and it will help you not to fall victim to fraud.

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