Worldwide West 2 East Services Limited, trading as SHA Global, is a financial services company that aims to facilitate the financial support of friends and families across the world. Established in 2011, we are a UK-based money transfer remittance service provider. The company's Financial Conduct Authority Reference number is 563795 and is registered with HMRC (MLR – 57885). Our registered address is at 92A Plumstead High Street, London, SE18 1SL.

The necessity of money transfer stretches far beyond the essence of a transfer of funds. It plays a pivotal role in the lives of our loved ones, wherever they may be in the world, facilitating a better livelihood for those we hold dear to us. In this globalised world, we want to support the growth of all countries, bringing the interconnected countries closer together. Essentially, we want to help integrate the ‘West’ with the ‘East.'

SHA Global strives to ensure you receive the fairest service, offering market competitive rates and charges, alongside consistent support availability. With technology always changing around us, it is important to us to offer the different payment methods, so that your loved ones can access your funds with ease. SHA Global feels privileged to play a part in supporting and affecting so many lives across the globe.



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